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Too busy for love?

Calling all ladies!

It’s not easy being a a second generation South Asian female. We are constantly reminded about how our parents or parents parents came to the UK with miniscule amounts of money (in my case my dad came to London with £30), and managed to build a life for themselves through a hard work ethic and strong set of values. We have a lot to live up to, “your generation has it too easy” is something that I have heard more than enough times.  We are grinding our fingers to the bone getting qualified and building a career- you would think that would be enough to keep our elders happy? Well they are not.

Not only do we have to contend with the pressures of work, we are constantly under pressure to find a husband and settle down. Bringing feminism into it isn’t an option. I tell my parents, my mother especially that we aren’t back home and marrying in you 30’s isnt something to be ashamed of. She simply replies with “You don’t want people to think you have been left on the shelf”. So I, like many other career focused British Asian females are unsuccesfully juggling my career and personal life, whilst trying to stick to my Asian traditions and culture.

They think we are superwoman, and not ones to dissapointed our families, this blog is for all Bollywood babes. It just may help you on your quest to balance career, culture, and commitment or even just provide a space for you to share your thoughts.

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No time to go looking?-5 places to meet a man

So after speaking with several professional ‘BBCD’s at one of KROFT managements networking parties last week, I have compiled a list of the most convenient, fuss-free places to meet a potential beau. Lets face it you aren’t going to take a guy you met in a night club home to meet your parents are you? you can picture it now- “so where did you two meet?” “We met when we were half cut in China Whites, he offered to take me home..”-Awkward!

1. Your local supermarket (try to avoid lower end stores and take a peek in his shopping trolley. If beer, crisps and hair gel is all you see run a mile)

2. Your local coffee shop (avoid those pretentious people that are intent of using their laptop in public areas-great novels aren’t written in Starbucks!)

3. The library (admittedly much of my undergrad years were spent in the library  and I failed to meet a man, but my best friend met her husband in one!)

4.  The Apple Store (fact-men love gadgets, they are drawn to the Apple Store like we are drawn to shoe shops. You will meet a variety of men from old, to young, to educated to alternative. It’s like an all you can eat buffet really-you sample what you like.)

5. For most busy people the internet and online dating websites is the easiest way to avoid wasting time. They allow you to browse and filter through hundreds prospective dates and find people with similar likes and who are looking for the same things you are in a partner. Here are some dating websites specifically for British Asians:

Here is a link to a great article about the asian online dating scene by Yasmeen Khan:

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