Too busy for love?

Calling all ladies!

It’s not easy being a a second generation South Asian female. We are constantly reminded about how our parents or parents parents came to the UK with miniscule amounts of money (in my case my dad came to London with £30), and managed to build a life for themselves through a hard work ethic and strong set of values. We have a lot to live up to, “your generation has it too easy” is something that I have heard more than enough times.  We are grinding our fingers to the bone getting qualified and building a career- you would think that would be enough to keep our elders happy? Well they are not.

Not only do we have to contend with the pressures of work, we are constantly under pressure to find a husband and settle down. Bringing feminism into it isn’t an option. I tell my parents, my mother especially that we aren’t back home and marrying in you 30’s isnt something to be ashamed of. She simply replies with “You don’t want people to think you have been left on the shelf”. So I, like many other career focused British Asian females are unsuccesfully juggling my career and personal life, whilst trying to stick to my Asian traditions and culture.

They think we are superwoman, and not ones to dissapointed our families, this blog is for all Bollywood babes. It just may help you on your quest to balance career, culture, and commitment or even just provide a space for you to share your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Too busy for love?

  1. what you think of this fine boy. I’ve seen his picture on facebook and his mum is good friends with my aunt’s friend of a friends sister. You should marry him. Of you go.

  2. amazing effort to boost up the confidence and position of lot of women by this …. much required……!!!! great work!!

  3. This just doesn’t just affect Asians – I’m African and my parents are exactly the same. Esp my dad telling me how he stretched £5 for one week and had 3 jobs at the same time whilst at university. Also, mum’s are funny they all same the same thing, they just want grand kids

    • we have learnt that this problem also effects western women too- we are just living in an era where we are expected to be the homemaker and wife and the bread winner! we are looked down on if we don’t form a career but also if we delay marriage for our careers? lose lose situation!

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