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The Brown Family-can you relate?

Personally I find the brown family extremely funny and I can relate to so many scenarios myself. I guess you can move continent but you can never take away your desi ways…check it out:

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The Remains of Ceylon

Beautiful beaches, rich culture and guaranteed sunshine make Sri Lankan a top tourist destination and favourite choice for honeymooners. But Beneath the exotic exterior lurks a fragmented reality Sri Lankan officials choose to hide. Last weekend marked the third anniversary of the end to 26 years of a bitter civil war.

A military parade through Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo was held to commemorate the soldiers that fought against the Tamil Tigers (LTTE).  As the nation celebrated another year of peace, the UN Human Rights Council voted in favour of a resolution prompting the Sri Lanka government to re-investigate alleged war crimes.

The government has recently launched a campaign against “traitors”, namely journalists and activists. State media is condemning whistle-blowers and Sri Lankan journalists saying anti-government reports helped the LTTE.

Exiled Tamil reporter Rajkumar Subramaniyam said: “Sri Lanka is the worst conflict zone on the planet when journalism is considered. More than thirty journalists have been killed by the current regime for revealing the reality of war. Even before the final war against LTTE, the government targeted the journalists who declined to fall in line with them.”

Mr Subramaniyam said the government suspect embedded journalism leaked evidence of war crimes which has lead to the vilification of journalists. “They tried to silence us and failed, this campaign will fail too-the world is watching the (Sri Lankan) government and the truth is coming out,” he added.

The UN estimates over 70,000 people were killed and more than 100,000 displaced, many of whom are still unable to return to their homes. Ethnic tensions between the Sinhalese community and minority Tamil community of the Northeast officially ended in 2009, with the Sri Lankan government seizing the last of the Tamil Tiger rebel areas. The Army and Tamil Tigers fought a merciless battle involving suicide bombings, air raids, sea battles and road side blasts.

Last year the UN conducted a report investigating war crimes against civilians committed by both the Sri Lankan Government and Tamil Tigers. The report was rejected by the government who called it “biased” and requested it not be published saying it could “damage reconciliation efforts”. The government said it would conduct its’ own investigation.

The Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) (established by the President of Sri Lanka and UN General Secretary) cleared the military of all war crimes. The report was heavily criticised for failing to reach international standards, ignoring crimes of illegal killings, enforced disappearance, widespread shelling of civilians and civilian human shields.

The Sri Lankan Civil War was relatively unpublicised in the western world but sparked international outrage towards the end as 250,000 Tamil civilians were caught up in the conflict. The civilians were left to live in refugee camps for months as allegations concerning the government threatening to execute those captured if the rebels did not surrender became common place.

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Blood Type – Personality Traits

Type A 

 Positive Traits – Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient, a perfectionist

 Negative Traits – Obsessive, self-conscious, sometimes uptight and stubborn



Type B 

 Positive Traits – Creative, flexible, individualistic, optimistic, passionate

 Negative Traits – Forgetful and sometimes, irresponsible


Type AB 

Positive Traits – Cool, controlled, introverted, rational

 Negative Traits – Critical, indecisive, unforgiving and aloof


Type O

 Positive Traits – Ambitious, self-confident, robust

 Negative Traits – Arrogant, insensitive, vain


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Blood Type Personalities

Beliving in astrology is quiet common in South Asia. Women often read magazines and newspapers to find out their horoscope and relationship forcast.  But, in countries like Japan people believe that one’s personality and relationship compatibility is linked to their blood type.  

Some people judge others according to astrology and signs of the zodiac. Others judge people on their blood type. This is a very common belief in Japanese, Korean and other East Asian countries. 

Since the early 1900’s, people in these countries believe that ketsueki-gata (blood type) reflects a person’s personality and compatibility with others. “What is your blood type? This is usually the third question in a conversation with someone new, after what is your name? Where do you live?” said Chiyoko Iwate Sato, a Japanese student living in London.

Sato said many people even consider blood types before getting into a relationship or marriage. “My mother also asked my dad’s blood type before she married him. Obviously that was not the only reason for their marriage but asking blood groups is very common in Japan.”

Sahj Sabharwal, an Indian-national who lives in Japan said that blood type articles were very common in women’s magazines in Japan. She said: “It is more common amongst university and college students to know each other’s blood types and judge friends based on them. But you don’t hear about it amongst older people.”

Blood group is not only limited to people’s fantasies but has also plays a role in Japanese politics. After the major earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Ryu Matsumoto, Japan’s reconstruction minister, was forced to resign and blamed his actions on the popular superstition around blood type. “My blood’s type B, which means I can be irritable and impetuous, and my intentions don’t always come across,” Matsumoto said.

Robin E. Brenner, in his book Understanding Manga and Anime, says that people are often surprised when non-Japanese people do not know their blood groups. Talking about Japan’s creative industries Brenner said, in Japan most cartoonists and animation artists mention their character’s blood type.  “Some video game characters also have known blood types. It is common for video game series to allow for blood type as an option in their creation modes.”

A South Korean movie called My Boyfriend is Type B is based on the same pseudo-scientific concept. The girl in the movie decides not to date a man because his blood type is B.

For most people, judging someone on their blood group might be unusual but it plays a serious role in Japan and Korea.

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“I’m too dark to tan!”

It is barbaric and outdated yet peer pressure will lead you to do it….no I’m not talking alcohol or drugs, I’m talking about lightening your skin. Why does white=beautiful in so many parts of the world? I am one of those girls that laughs at how desi females cake their faces in foundation that is clearly 10 shades too light for their skin tone! I turn my nose up at over the counter lightening creams, treatments and bleaches and I lose respect for females that give in to society’s pressure doing anything they can to look lighter. But now that the summer is here I’m starting to worry that I may become too dark and therefore less attractive. I went to the beach yesterday and hid under a giant parasol and SPF 50…Tanning wouldn’t have bothered me 5 years ago, in fact I’m a sun-worshipper…

I asked a group of South Asian professional  twenty-somethings about what they looked for in a partner and I am very dissapointed to say that having a “light complexion” ranked very high. When I probed them about why this was so important they couldn’t actually give  me an answer…”tradition, culture and caste” was mentioned several times. I asked my Aunty, (the one that just arranged my cousins marriage) where this ridiculous ideology comes from and she told me that darker skin signifies a lower caste. Those from low castes are   more commonly labourers or field worker and therefore are tanned from working in the sun all day.Well no one, no matter what culture wants to be associated with the lower end of the social scale but really? So that is where this complex over skin complexion comes from? Social ranking? Surely there is more to it than that?

It’s not just South Asians that are conditioned into believing ‘white is right’, has anyone else noticed how light Rihanna is looking in her new video Where Have You Been?

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She’s not the only celeb either…

Beyonce Knowles

Lil’ Kim