– By Prerna Sethi 


Human to human a tale of two

Was it wrong or was it you

You might be one

You don’t need to run

You represent the world

Be the best, before u are herd

Why leave life twirled

We need a new world

Imagine the feeling

When you need no healing

When you are loved

When you are possessed

When you see people smile

When you pray for a while

When you need time

When the world ends crime

When you dream

The cake with ice cream

When you have a shoulder to cry on

Where the bad is past and gone

Don’t you feel the joy

Nothing left to annoy

You want all this to come true

Then why do u leave it due

You alone can cause a change

You don’t have to feel strange

The world is not too big

Your actions will spread very quick

Just close your eyes and make a wish

Why today, a man is so selfish

When will he realize

He needs to classicize

Lets get together and revise

This world cannot handle lies

Don’t let your life make you dance

Take a stance

Its time for trance

Take another chance

Do your best

Leave the rest

Don’t expect

Don’t suspect

Its ok if you fall

Life is too small

You might go wrong

But you have to be strong

Because your efforts never go waste

Your rewards will be traced

Responsibilities towards your family

You fulfill them eagerly

Your friends

Have always will follow your trends

Your money

Days bright and sunny

You would do anything for them

But when will you think big

Beyond your selfish ring

You owe something to

The land you live on

The dusk and the dawn

The society

The variety

The one who made you

The God who laid you

If you have a purpose in life

So did He when you came alive

Its time to give it back

This time it’s your sack

You don’t need to do something big

It’s the small things that make a big difference

Don’t sit and learn

But teach what you have learnt

Don’t sit and pray

Teach others the same way

What you did for yourself

Will be past

But what you did for the world

Will always last

Spotless mind, its time to be true

Decision is yours. Its up to u



We all are born into darkness

A few moments before our eyes open

And finally we die into darkness

All seen and felt forgotten

It’s a matter of choice and chance

Everyone says that love isn’t true

I remember the time I took a stance

And I was sure, cause it was you

Will never forget that morning

All through life till death

I grew, I learnt, then suffered

And will finally be buried into the earth

If memories would build up a stairway

Which the tears wouldn’t stain

I would walk right up to heaven

And bring you back again

But sometimes things are not meant to be

And secret tears continue to flow

What you meant to me, no one will ever see

And we will not show even though we know

Life is moving on

But, your thoughts I behold

Maybe I understood

The half that you never told

Though you’ll never be forgotten

I’ll move on and lock you in today

A hallowed place, inside the heart

Is where you’ll always stay,

Well! This is no surprise

I just have to close my eyes

You are gone, I do realize

But, I have to let it be

I won’t let it get me down

I’ll be strong enough to fight

Don’t want to wear that ugly frown

Doesn’t matter what’s wrong or right

I’ll never see the world like you

Will wonder if something could be done

Will dream, what’s not true

Will wish if I could be the one

I will stand the pain

With strength to carry on

Will lift myself up again

This world has made me strong

But tomorrow if I ever fall low

I hope you’ll stand up with me

I’ll make sure things won’t be so

But’ sometimes I’ll close my eyes,

And hope it’s you who I’ll see.

Some things are for you and not for me

It’s called destiny

Some people make it and some people don’t

When it comes to me, I guess I won’t.

May be this is the last time I can say

Knowing not what lies ahead

But you’ll be special in everyway

Whether I’m alive or I’m dead



I sat that night wondering

Why do people have feelings?





Just because of expectations

All of us have expectations

But the question is should we have?

We love someone

We expect them to love us back

We hate someone

We expect that they hate us

We work hard

We expect results

These are big things

Lets see the smallest issues

We wake up in the morning

We expect our day to go well

We smile at someone

We expect them to smile back

We talk to or call someone

Expecting a response

These are just a few lines

But this happens all the time

Have we ever thought?

How would the world be

If we didn’t expect

We would love someone

Even though they would hate us

We would do the best we can

Even though we got nothing in return

We would smile at someone

Even though they walked by



When you remember people who are away

When you are left with nothing to say

When nothing goes your way

When you want to shut your eyes to pray

When u think of people without whom u can’t stay…

When u think of your deepest sorrow

When you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow

When u feel your heart is so hollow

When u hope some joys you could borrow…

When u feel, sadness in your life is in plenty

When u feel very empty…

Just close your eyes n see

You will always find me…


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